Uyemura is the world leader in PCB finishes.Uyemura is the world leader in PCB finishes.Uyemura is the world leader in PCB finishes.

PRESA RGA-14 Immersion Silver

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The requirements of newer electronic parts have caused PCBs to evolve and demand
improved manufacturing methods. One important requirement is high-density mounting. HASL exhibits poor thickness distribution and cannot meet the needs of high-density mounting.

The recent emphasis on environmentally safer products has also advanced the cause of eliminating lead. OSP’s formulations are not capable of preventing copper oxidation, under the higher-temperature assembly conditions associated with lead-free.

Uyemura's RGA Immersion Silver was developed to meet those challenges.


  • Immersion silver is a simple process, with silver directly displacing copper in an immersion reaction. RGA-14 is a high productivity process.
  • The RGA Immersion Silver process is compatible with horizontal conveyorized equipment.


  • The RGA Immersion Silver deposit is uniform and meets thickness distribution criteria.
  • Excellent shelf life with proper packaging and storing conditions.
  • Ideal soldering surface under eutectic and lead-free assembly temperatures.

Plating Bath

  • The Immersion Silver plating bath is very stable because the reaction is
  • displacement-type.
  • The RGA-14 bath does not decompose with UV light.
  • Because it is a low temperature process, RGA-14 does not attack the substrate or
    the soldermask.
  • The immersion silver deposits only on copper, and not on other areas (such as can
    be seen with auto-catalytic baths).


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